1. Let’s talk about shoes

    Nope, this isn’t a article about some exciting new framework or development methodology, I’d like to talk very briefly about footwear. In particular, the kind a shoemaker’s children are supposed to lack.

    Because just over a year ago, I relaunched this site with an article where I talked about Getting On With It: relaunching my website, and filling it with useful if imperfect stuff.
    I set up a wee whiteboard next my desk which rapidly filled with hastily-scribbled ideas for things I could write. I reinstalled PlainText on my iPad, hooked it up to my Dropbox account and created a nice directory structure into which I could dump articles. It felt good to be doing something.

    … all of which explains exactly why it’s taken 366 days to actually publish the next article.

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  2. Enough pencil sharpening

    Where it all starts—after seven years of saying “if I only had a website”, I decide to actually do something about it.